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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Brewing Change: Our Sustainable Packaging Journey

Brewing Change: Our Sustainable Packaging Journey

At Brew Box Coffee, our passion for great coffee is matched only by our commitment to ethical sourcing and reducing our environmental impact. Today, we're thrilled to share an exciting development in our journey towards sustainability: the introduction of eco-friendly mailer bags as our primary packaging solution. This transition reflects our dedication to not only delivering exceptional coffee but also preserving the planet and supporting ethical practices in the coffee industry.

Ethical Sourcing, Sustainable Packaging

For us, ethical sourcing isn't just a buzzword—it's a cornerstone of our business. We work closely with Roasters around the world who work with coffee farmers to ensure fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable farming practices. By promoting transparency and accountability in our supply chain, we empower farmers and contribute to the long-term viability of coffee-growing communities.

However, our commitment to sustainability doesn't end with the coffees we source for our subscription. We want to bring ethically sourced coffee to your door step with the least environmental impact as possible. We recognise the environmental impact of traditional packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, and the urgency of reducing waste in our operations. That's why we're proud to embrace mailer bags as a more eco-conscious alternative.

Protecting the Planet, One Bag at a Time

Mailer bags offer several environmental advantages over cardboard boxes. Made from recycled materials and designed for recyclability, they minimize resource consumption and waste generation. By switching to mailer bags, we're taking a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Moreover, the compact size and lightweight nature of mailer bags translate to fewer transportation emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet. As a coffee subscription company serving customers across Europe and further afield, we're mindful of our role in minimising our ecological footprint and preserving our beautiful earth.

  • Our new bags are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. 
  • We’re using less materials than before therefore reducing our waste. 
  • The lighter materials means less fuel need to transport your wonderful coffees to your door!
  • The ink used is a soy based ink that is made from soybeans. Compared to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is far more environmentally friendly. 
  • The green house gases footprint for our mailer bags is much less than cardboard packaging due to amongst other things, the amount of water needed to produce the cardboard boxes. 

A Seamless Experience for Coffee Lovers

Beyond their environmental benefits, mailer bags enhance the overall experience for our customers. Their sleek design and durable construction ensure that each shipment of our ethically sourced coffees arrives safely and in pristine condition. Whether you're enjoying a single-origin espresso or indulging in an interestingly processed coffees, our coffee subscription service promises a taste of excellence, delivered with care and sustainability in mind. It also fits easier into people’s letter boxes!

Join Us in Brewing Change

At Brew Box Coffee, we believe that every cup of coffee has the power to make a difference—not just in taste, but in the lives of farmers and the health of the planet. As we embrace mailer bags as our new packaging solution, we invite coffee lovers across Europe to join us in brewing change. Together, we can raise our mugs to a brighter, more sustainable future—one sip at a time.

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