So where did all this begin? By way of introduction, Hi, my name is Roisin Culligan and I founded Brew Box in 2018 based on the above statement. 

What was once a hobby and a way to get me through college, studying law and completing the dreaded FE1 exams has become a lovely little side project as I have moved on from studies to the real world! 
Coffee has a weird way of bringing people together, slowly the world is moving away from meeting someone for a pint to meeting someone for a coffee. I've always been a huge lover of Irish farmers markets, eating local fantastic food so why couldn't we do the same with Coffee? Every month we curate the best irish and international coffee roasters to bring to your doorstep. We felt that nobody was providing a platform in a meaningful way for these roasters so we decided to give it a go!
We also aim to be as sustainable in every aspect of Brew Box as we can, all our packaging materials are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable alongside this we try to keep our paper imprint small.
Don't be a stranger, drop me a message, meet me for a coffee, 
Happy brewing
Roisin x