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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Andy Coffee Roasters - May 2024

Andy Coffee Roasters - May 2024

One of the speciality capitals of Europe's newest(ish!) roasters is featuring in our May box. Andy Coffee roasters is all about fun, incredible coffees and just having a really good time. Think run clubs from their cafes with a delicious flat white to follow. 
  • Tell us a little more about the story of your company: ”how and when did you get started? What is your background in coffee?


Andy Roasters was founded a little over 4 years ago. Dave and Kjell, two lifelong friends, both running a coffee shop in Antwerp, had their own ideas about the coffee industry. When they shared their ideas with Emiel, a good friend from Dave’s time at caffenation, Andy was born. 


  • When and how did you get started roasting? Why is roasting important to your project and what does this control over the product offer your business?
At Andy, we try to get coffee’s true identity to a wider audience. For single origins we believe in the third wave coffee vision. Roasting light allows us to fully explore the beautiful world of coffee. With our 4 ranges NOT SO FRUITY, FRUITY WASHED, FRUITY UNWASHED and PINK SERIES, we believe we cater for a wide audience, and make that audience’s coffee experience accessible and enjoyable. We are proud to find true gems over and over again.


  • What do you roast on and why?

We roast on a Giesen W15A. As a micro roastery, we often source scarce micro lots. Because of the smaller batch sizes, we have the opportunity to play around more with coffees that undergo more and more experimental processings on origin. Quality over quantity.

  • Tell us: what does being a coffee roaster mean to you?

Every step along the way, I have always admired the step closer to origin. From being a barista to becoming a coffee shop owner, and now owning our own coffee roastery and going on origin trips; at times it seems surreal, but mostly a dream come true. Not only being close to the product, but also finding ways to connect with customers both retail and wholesale. 

  • What is the best coffee experience you’ve had ever?
Two weeks ago, the team went to the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. It was a great moment for us to see how far we’ve got in those 4 years of Andy. Our team was not only noticed for our high product quality, but also for the amount of fun we had while doing our thing. Definitely an experience none of us will ever forget.


  • Tell us something not coffee related about yourselves?

Two years ago, Andy opened their first ’flagship store’ in the south of Antwerp. Here, next to coffee, music and sports are important elements of the community we’ve built. Every Saturday, there are curated dj-sets in the shop, every Tuesday, the ‘Andy Runners Club’ gathers for an interval training and in Amsterdam, we launched ‘Andy Audio’, a DJ duo that will take over the world in no-time. 

  • What is the plan for the future? 

            We’re having more fun than ever at Andy. We’ll stick to doing just that. 

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