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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 24th July 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 24th July 2024 🗓

Struggling to dial in coffee on your Wilfa Svart grinder? We’re here to help!

At Brew Box, we absolutely love using our Wilfa Svart grinders. 

They grind coffee quickly, consistently and are super easy to use. To dial in your coffee, simply twist the hopper to adjust your grind size using the labelled settings to guide you. 

However, those of you that already own one will know that the grind guidelines on the hopper make it easy to find the correct setting for each filter type… But they aren’t 100% accurate, so you may be required to experiment a little to brew a coffee that tastes perfect to you!

We’ve removed some of the trial and error for you by including the grind settings we use for AeroPress, V60 1 Cup and 2 Cup Filters, Flatbed Brewers, Moka Pots and French Press on our Wilfa Svart grinders. 

Try them out, play around with them and let us know what you think! 


We twist our hoppers to line up with the 'R' in 'French Press' on the Wilfa Svart grinder. 

Need help with mastering the French Press? We have a step-by-step course available on our Brew Online coffee education platform!

V60 01 CUP

We like to align the red indicator one notch before 'Aeropress' on our Wilfas for V60 1 cup filters. 


We line up the hopper with the 'TER' in 'Filter' on our Wilfa Svarts for V60 02 cup brewers and flat bed brewers such as the Kalita 185.

We also use the 'FIL' of Filter for automatic brewers such as the Moccamaster. 

This setting also works well with our moka pot, as we find that brewing pretty coarsely extracts a beautiful brew. 


Aim to align the indicator between the 'O' and 'P' in 'Aeropress' on your Wilfa Svart.

We also use this grind setting for cupping coffee.  

Thinking about purchasing a Wilfa Svart?

Why grinding is important... 

Quite simply, to preserve its freshness, aroma and enjoy the full range of taste notes your coffee has to offer.

Fresh whole bean coffee can taste amazing for up to 4 months after roasting when stored properly. But when you grind coffee, it loses its freshness in a matter of minutes!

To prove this Barista Hustle conducted an experiment using laboratory scales to investigate just how much freshness coffee loses upon grinding… and they measured a weight loss of 0.29% within just 1 minute.

As such, we always recommend grinding fresh so that you can make the most out of your home brews and truly experience your coffee as the roaster intended.

If you have any questions about the Wilfa Svart grinder or any other products on our webshop, please feel free to contact us at