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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓

Struggling to dial in coffee on your Comandante C40 grinder? 

Thinking of getting one but need to know if it’s suitable for your brew method? We’re here to help!

We consider ourselves at Brew Box to be Comandante’s biggest fans.

Not only are their grinders beautifully crafted, but their advanced burr set design gives you the ability to grind for a range of brew methods from French Press all the way to Espresso, a unique feature which sets them apart from most other hand grinders on the market.

Many of you reading this will already know that Comandante grinders have been like gold dust over the past few months - due to insane levels of demand, it’s been almost impossible to find these grinders from local retailers! 

We’re delighted to have sourced a limited supply for our webshop but we know it can be a tricky and time-consuming task to dial in coffee using a new grinder… so we thought we’d give our customers a head start by sharing the grind settings we love to use on our Comandante C40. 

However, these settings are to be used as a baseline only - the grind settings you use will vary depending on factors such as the coffee you’re using, your dose and recipe, and (most importantly!) your own taste preferences. 

You may prefer your coffee to taste slightly lighter or darker, so don’t take our word as law - try the settings out, play with them and let us know what you think! 


When it comes to the French Press, we fully agree with the suggested setting on Comandante's website & aim for 25 - 30 clicks.

Need help with mastering the French Press? We have a step-by-step course available on our Brew Online coffee education platform!

V60 02 CUP

We typically grind aim for 21 - 28 clicks for our V60 recipes.  


For flat bed brewers such as the Kalita 185, April Brewer and Gino Flat Dripper, we typically aim for around 30 - 34 clicks. 


Comandante's website recommends that you grind at 15 - 20 clicks for your moka pot.

However, we prefer to use a coarser grind setting when we use our moka pots as we find it extracts a beautiful & balanced brew. We suggest grinding between 30 - 34 clicks. 


For the standard or inverted method, we’d recommend starting with 26 - 30 clicks and taking it from there.

If you’re using the bypass method, we’d suggest a grind size similar to espresso, so around 8 clicks.


We start off by dialling in at around 10 clicks for espresso when dialling in then depending on the coffee and the espresso, we make it coarser or finer. 


This is one of the most common questions we get. 

Zero is the reference point you use for your Comandante grinder. When you find zero, you're essentially closing the burrs.

You can reach find "Zero" clicks by turning the knob clockwise until the handle stops falling. The first point at which the handle doesn't fall is "Zero"!

For example, to find where 10 clicks is on your Comandante, you want to find Zero and then turn your knob anticlockwise for 10 clicks.

On the hunt for a Comandante C40? Look no further!