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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓

Coffee Composition


Costa Rica


Matinilla La Libertad / Matinilla Fancy


Central Valley & Tarrazú


Catuaí & Obatã


1200 MASL


Fully Washed

“About this Coffee
When Tony Speight hand built his first coffee roaster in 2004, whether he knew it or not, he had turned a corner from enthusiastic hobbyist to a seriously passionate artisan coffee roaster.

The timing, it seems, couldn’t have been better for setting down an early foundation of what would become West Cork’s first commercial micro coffee roastery in 2016.

WCC grew organically and Tony’s coffee started to garner the attention of a small number of local food businesses with an appreciation of excellent coffee.

Tony decided to create his specialty coffee roastery at The Forge in Innishannon, West Cork.

WCC were selected for The London Coffee Masters 2017/18 & Tony continues to grow WCC in the specialty coffee market."
About The Farmer

Founded in 1961, the formation of Coopelibertad is well-known as one of the most significant moments for cooperatives in Costa Rica. Since its inception almost 60 years ago, the cooperative has continued to work to benefit its members; improving both theirfinancial and social conditions through the cultivation of coffee.

Matinilla Fancy, one of the main trade brands for Coopelibertad, takes its name from its source of inspiration; Matinilla, a micro-region located in Escazu, Central Valley. Here, not only will you find fantastic coffee, but also exceptionalpeople to produce it. It is for these reasons that Coopelibertad decided to name one of their most important lots by the same name; highlighting you can expect great coffee from great people.

As a Rainforest Alliance certificated organisation, environmental care is a high priority for Coopelibertad. 15% of all land is under conservation, and Coopelibertad also has a number of programmes across their group to protect water, rivers, soil and to prevent contamination. Coopelibertad are also in conversation with the Costa Rican government regarding developing ecotourism projects and aim to be carbon neutral by 2021.

These objectives seem highly relevant, as the region continues to be increasingly impacted by climate change. High temperatures, heavy rains in short periods and long droughts are continuing to affect producer’s ability to produce coffee in the region. Coopelibertad is currently encouraging new initiatives, such as increased shade trees and soil conservation, to attempt to combat these unpredictable conditions.