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Next Shipment Date 4th October 2023 🗓

Assembly Coffee Roasters | Diego Bermudez (Filter) | 200g

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Taste Notes: Passionfruit + Tropical + Sweet
Producer: Diego Bermudez
Farm: Paraiso
Region: El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia
Process: PO2
Varietals: Castillo
Altitude: 1700masl
Weight: 200g


We're excited to announce that we have secured a limited supply of Diego Bermudez Castillo coffee beans, roasted by Assembly Coffee Roasters in London!

Diego Bermudez and his family are pushing the boundaries of coffee and process at his farm in El Tambo, Cauca to create cup profiles of exceptional and unique quality.

Diego, and partner Wilton Renso Benitez, have chartered new territory in terms of the flavour potential of coffee that can be achieved through manipulations of microorganisms, pH and temperature introduced during the processing.

This lot of Castillo first undergoes a 48 hour anaerobic fermentation at a steady temperature of 18 degrees. Then after de-pulping to remove the skin, the coffee (now covered in fruit mucilage) is returned to the anaerobic fermentation tanks where it will remain for another 48 hours at 20 degrees. A process referred to as 'thermal shock' ensues which involves first washing coffees at 40 degrees and then again at the much cooler 12 degrees. Finally, coffee undergoes a controlled drying at 35 degrees until it reaches a bean moisture of between 10% and 11%.

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