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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓

Spring is here, which means it’s officially iced coffee season!

Around this time of year, our Instagram feeds become flooded with beautiful iced lattes from our favourite local coffee shops and honestly - we can't get enough of it! We’ve been drooling at some of the more experimental flavours we've seen some cafes offering, such as Fruit Shop’s Coconut De Leche Iced Latte and Established Coffee’s Iced Caramel Fredo to name a few. 

Seeing such a creative array of flavours paired with iced coffee has inspired us to experiment with the way we brew our favourite roasted brown. 

So in this blog, we’ll show you how to infuse milk with the flavours of your choice - we’ll also share a few of our favourite recipes for naturally flavoured coffees that aren’t pumped full of sugar and syrup!

As always, we recommend using freshly ground coffee from your favourite coffee shop, roastery, or coffee subscription service 😋 


Infusing Milk: What you Should Know

Firstly - it’s FAR easier than you might think!

Infusing milk for coffee is as simple as putting your milk and flavours in a pan, bringing it to a simmer and giving it time to infuse before straining out the solids. You can do it with milk, cream or any dairy alternatives!

As a general guide, here’s what to do:

1. Choose your flavour ingredient - this can be anything from vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks, to cacao. Read on to see how to make donut - yes DONUT! - flavored coffee.

2. Combine your ingredient of choice with your milk/milk alternative in a pan.

3. Bring your milk up to a simmer.

4. Remove from heat once it hits ~40 and 50 degrees celsius. 

5. Let your milk mixture cool down so the flavours can infuse. 

6. Strain through a sieve OR a pourover with a paper filter. 

7. Allow to cool overnight. 

It’s super easy! To inspire you to experiment with your own infused milk brews, we’ve included some of our favourite flavoured coffee recipes below.

Cold Brew Coffee with Hazelnut Cream

Recipe thanks to Susan Jane | @susanjanekitchen |

This recipe from the amazing and bubbly Susan White makes it super easy to brew up a refreshing hazelnut flavoured iced coffee that’s perfect for a sunny day.

By soaking your hazelnuts in water overnight and blending them the next day, you essentially make your own hazelnut milk and bypass the need to infuse milk in a saucepan. Plus, the creamy, full-bodied liquid compliments cold brew coffee perfectly!

We recently spoke with Susan herself about all things coffee and showed our followers just how quick and easy it is to make this delicious beverage. Check it out here!

Here's what you'll need: 

> Cold filtered water
> Roughly 6 tablespoons of ground coffee from your favourite cafe or roaster
> Hazelnuts
> Fine sieve OR a pour over + paper filter
> Optional: dates or maple syrup for added sweetness

What to do:

1. Grind your coffee coarsely (similar to the grind size you’d use for French Press). 

2. Steep your coffee in 500ml water overnight. At the same time, roughly cover the hazelnuts with water and soak overnight.

3. The next day, strain the coffee grounds through a very fine sieve. Alternatively, you can use a pourover such as a V60 with a paper filter to strain out the coffee grounds. Catch the treasure beneath - this is your cold brew coffee!

4. Next, drain and rinse the soaked hazelnuts. Tumble these into a high-speed blender with 400-500ml cold brew coffee, date(s) and sea salt. One date is enough for us, but you can add in more to crank up the sweetness! Whizz for 20-60 seconds.

5. Strain the mix through a fine sieve or pour over with a paper filter. 

6. Serve over ice. Enjoy!