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Sumo by Daniel Horbat - Mikava Estate, Colombia

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This is the fifth of our limited edition release coffees! We are so excited to bring it to you especially from an Irish roaster as well. This coffee will be released on the 8th of August and will be roasted to order!
Region: Marsella, Riseralda
Variety: Gesha
Producer: Paul K. Doyle
Process: Natural, Carbonic Maceration, experimental long fermentation process
Altitude: 1750 MASL
Harvested: Current Crop
Cupping Score 91.25
Leave coffee rest for 7 days after roast
Sumo Coffee Roasters

Sumo Coffee Roasters is a start-up venture, founded by three time Irish Cup Tasting Champion, and more importantly, the World Cup Taster Champion 2019, Daniel Horbat.
Sumo Coffee Roasters mission is to create a transparent and ethical coffee business, which highlights and celebrates the producers and farmers to the baristas who will produce the finished product and everyone in between, making sure there is a direct trade and a fair price has been achieved.

SUMO’s plan is to increase the standard and experience for all involved in the industry, innovating the way forward for coffee and to put the farmers on the map.

General Coffee Info: 

In the beginning of 2020, Paul K. Doyle took part in the prestigious Yara Colombia coffee compe- tition; a competition judged only by Q graders through a series of blind tastings. This year, Paul prevailed landing both first and second place. The coffee you are about to purchase is the winning lot of Yara Competition, and part of the same farm that won the Colombian Cup Of Excellence (CoE) in 2019, with a Gesha natural carbonic maceration that recorded the highest score (92.71 ) in the last 16 years.

Sumo Coffee Roasters are very proud for this to be the first coffee that they are bringing to your doors.

The coffee was carefully pre-selected three times, to assure that only the best quality beans were used.

First, only the ripest cherries were picked; any defective or unripe were removed (manually) and subsequently they were put into a water tank where any ‘floaters’ defective cherries were taken out, ensuring only the highest quality cherries remained.

After the pre-selection steps, the cherries are carefully thrown to an oxygen-free environment, in containers filled with CO2. The cherries stay here for 120 hours, resulting in a carbonic maceration.

As soon the 120 hours are completed, the coffee is dried on raised beds until they reach their ideal moisture content.

Paul has been working on, and mastered, a technique that allows him to keep the room’s temperature levels stable. This process can take up to three months, time in which the coffee is constantly monitored.

Today, Mikava Estate is synonymous to great Colombian coffee, one of their focus being Gesha. They are also producing many other varieties such as Bourbon, Sudan Rume and Ethiopian heirlooms, varieties that have been used in competitions with great results.