Clever Coffee Dripper

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Clever Coffee Dripper is a genius dripper that combines the best features of a coffee dripper and a french press. The dripper features a shut off valve in the bottom of the dripper, that allows for a longer brew time than a regular dripper. When the desired brew time is reached, place the dripper on top of a cup or a mug, and the valve opens, allowing the coffee to flow into the cup.

With the Clever Coffee Dripper you have full control over the brewing time, and the extraction is more even than with a regular dripper. Thanks to the 1x4 size filter paper, the cleaning is very easy compared with for example a french press.

The Clever coffee dripper is made of 100 % BPA free plastic and comes with a lid and a coaster.

  • Volume: 5 dl
  • There is a valve in the bottom of the dripper. The valve opens once the dripper is placed on top of a mug / cup
  • BPA free plastic