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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 29th May 2024 🗓

Bialetti Moka Express in Silver - 6 Cup

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Bialetti is known worldwide for their Moka Express - a world leader among coffee makers!  

The Moka Pot was invented by Bialetti in 1933 and has been a household staple in Italy ever since. With a classic 8-sided metallic body and ability to make espresso-style coffee in just a few minutes, its design is so effective that it has been unchanged for the past 70+ years. 

This Bialetti Moka Express is perfect for preparing up to 6 shots of espresso at the same time, with a total capacity of 300ml. 

To prepare this traditional Italian coffee, you only need this coffee pot, great coffee beans, a gas or electric stove and a few minutes.

Read our Moka Pot Brew Guide to see just how easy it is to make excellent coffee with the Bialetti Moka Pot!

How it works: 

The Moka Pot is made up of 3 chambers - 1 for water, 1 for ground coffee and 1 for the finished result. 

When you place the Moka Pot on the stove, the water will heat up and generate steam. 

This steam will increase the pressure in the bottom chamber, push the water through the ground coffee and up into the top chamber, creating delicious and aromatic espresso-style coffee in just a few minutes.  

The technical stuff: 

  • Aluminium with a plastic black handle 
  • Suitable for gas and electric stoves (not induction)
  • Produced in Italy 
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • Capacity: 300ml

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