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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 24th July 2024 🗓
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 24th July 2024 🗓
Obadiah Coffee Roasters, Edinburgh

Obadiah Coffee Roasters, Edinburgh

Tell us about Obadiah Coffee and why did you guys start roasting coffee in Edinburgh?
We're roasting seasonal specialty coffees from small farms around the globe. Transparency is important to us at every stage, and we roast in order to highlight our coffees distinct characteristics. We want to encourage natural flavours, purity and fruity qualities.

Edinburgh is a city full of people excited to explore specialty coffee and develop a deeper understanding of it as a fruit. The food and drink culture here is naturally rich and historic (slightly traditional), but we see Edinburgh opening it's eyes more and more to specialty coffee.

Where are you from and how dd you get into coffee?
I'm from Australia, but my team are from both Australia and the UK. I started working at 5 Senses Coffee in the roastery a few years ago. I worked as a head roaster for the last 2 years of my time there. I learnt lots about working with different coffees, how to write profiles and developed a pallet for coffee.

What is the best coffee experience you’ve had ever?
The feeling of perfecting a coffees roast profile after countless micro changes and adjustments. This happens often.

Tell us about the coffees featuring in this months Brew Box?
The Todos Santos is incredibly complex. It's an extended fermentation, so it has many layers and is thick with fruity sweetness. The Nuguse Mare is tasting of vanilla, magnolia and strawberry and comes from the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illuababora zone in Western Ethiopia. Finally, the Santa Teresa is unique in that the farmers pulp and ferment the coffee without water, a process they have adapted over the years. It tastes of marshmallow and maple syrup.

Tell us something uncoffee related about yourselves?
My wife and I love design, sculpture and photography. My wife is a full time sculptor, and I take photos. We think it's important to do everything with excellence, and our love of great design leads us to spend time working on the interior space of our flat, and wandering through galleries.

What's the plan for the future? 
We want to keep creating a beautiful product, keep roasting tasty coffee and building relationships with people in the industry. We want to increase peoples expectations of great coffee by introducing a new, exciting drinking experience. Further to this, we feel responsible to reduce single use plastics within the coffee industry, so we want to be innovative in our approach in doing so.
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