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🔥 We Ship Every Second Wednesday - Next Shipment Date 4th October 2023 🗓
Next Shipment Date 4th October 2023 🗓

Why we do what we do..

When I started Brew Box over two years ago, I wanted to create something that empowered small businesses whilst at the same time promoting good coffee to people who don’t even know what good is. The Irish people are amazing at ‘buying irish’ and shopping in your local farmers markets, as a quality driven and locally sourcing conscious people I was amazed at how this didn’t translate into the world of coffee here. It’s always been a barrier that the majority of people here don’t value the quality of the coffee we have at home in Ireland. The main reason being communication and accessibility to understanding the why. You see your farmer selling their amazing produce in your local farmers market, but you don’t see this with your coffee farmers as they are half-way across the world. The principle however is the same and our mission is to showcase this to you in the most accessible way. 

We know that the “specialty” coffee industry has been given something of a bad rap in recent years with the notion that there is a right and wrong way to enjoy your coffee…but at the end of the day, specialty coffee is about one thing only, enjoying the delicious drink that keeps us energised and our taste buds happy.

Over the years, we’ve learnt so much about our customers and what they understand about coffee, I noticed a pretty massive gap in communicating the quality of the coffee and the tasting profiles of the coffee themselves. Coming back to the farmers market conundrum. 

Introducing: Bold, Basic and Balanced

We know that taste is subjective and so is coffee!  We don't like to tell you that your coffee tastes like something, it’s open to you to do that. However along the way we found some people love naturally processed coffee and others love your classic espresso profile with nothing strange thrown in there. With the help of Stephen Heffernan (@hephee) who brought our idea to life, we’ve launched three different boxes based on cupping profiles we would normally curate for the box. These profiles are generalised based on the SCA taster’s wheel to give you a whole spectrum of coffees that are based on similar coffees that you enjoy. 

More freedom than ever before

From the outset I’ve always wanted to be better and provide a better service for our subscribers. So, we’re doing something different than anyone else, choose filter papers to add in, espresso cleaner, access to online workshops and brew classes, or even get some equipment every three months. 

The last year has been pretty busy for us, it’s madness how a global pandemic can provide new opportunities for some businesses. Being the first Irish coffee subscription service when we launched back in 2018, it’s been amazing to see others take the leap of faith and start businesses in the industry. It just validates our idea and shows we’re on the right track!

At Brew Box we understand that coffee is a journey and that once you’ve gone down that Rabbit hole it’s difficult to stop. We’re hoping that many people’s new found interest in coffee at home is here to stay. It’s allowed me to grow the business and hire someone full time. I’m so excited to have been able to expand our subscription offering to make specialty coffee more accessible than ever before and tailor our service to your specific tastes and desires. 

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped make Brew Box what it is today, there’s too many people to list out all your names but you know who you are - we couldn’t have done it without your support and feedback!


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