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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 12th June 2024 🗓 New Coffee Menu published June 1st!!!
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 12th June 2024 🗓 New Coffee Menu published June 1st!!!
Hario V60 Brew Guide

Hario V60 Brew Guide




  1. Measure out 23g of coffee and set your grinder to fine/medium. You’re looking for table salt consistency for this brewing method.

  2. Fold the filter along the seam and place it inside the V60. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any unwanted paper taste. The white bleached filters are preferable because the papery taste is not present, but still require a quick rinse.

  3. Place your V60 onto the stand, Mason jar or cup and move it onto the scale. Zero out the scale. Pour approximately 48-50g of water counter clockwise over the coffee and allow it to bloom for 30-45 seconds.

  4. Continue to pour the remainder of the water in the same manner over the coffee keeping it suspended in liquid throughout the process. You shouldn’t see the ground coffee until the end of the brew. This may take anywhere from 2:30 to 3:30 minutes and will require multiple pours.

  5. When the scale reads 320g remove the V60 from the stand or cup.

The Hario V60 has become one of the most widely used brewing methods in specialty coffee shops around the world due its consistency and the ability of the brewer to have complete control over the strength and body of the coffee.

By changing the grind size you can speed up or slow down the rate at which the coffee will be brewed. The larger the grind size the faster the brew time and conversely, a finer grind will take a bit longer to brew. Faster brewing with the V60 usually results in a brighter, lighter bodied cup. What sets the V60 apart from auto drip filter coffee is this control over all brewing variables from water temperature to pour rate.

Fruity & juicy Kenyan coffees are our favorite choices for this brewing method. The higher priced Hario V60 is made of either glass or ceramic which allows for heat retention. There are BPA free plastic versions for less. The interior swirl prevents the filter from sticking and makes for even brewing.


Gooseneck kettle (flow restrictor optional, but allows for more control over the pour)

Coffee scale

Burr grinder

Hario V60-02

V60 paper filter

Pour over stand/Mason jar or just use your coffee cup

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