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Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 12th June 2024 🗓 New Coffee Menu published June 1st!!!
Next Brew Box Shipment Date -> 12th June 2024 🗓 New Coffee Menu published June 1st!!!
Aeropress Brew Guide

Aeropress Brew Guide




A space-age contraption with gravity-defying aspirations, the AeroPress was invented by Aerobie. Aerobie is responsible for creating the long-flying “superdisc” that broke Guiness World Records when it soared 1,333 feet into the air. (Take that, frisbee!) The same mastery of aerodynamics comes into play here, with this peculiar and lovely device for brewing coffee.

If you really want to experiment, check out the WAC championship recipes of every who competes here



AeroPress Filters

AeroPress funnel



Digital Scale


Stirring tool

Coffee cup or other vessel

 The Aerobie Aeropress is one of the newest brew methods to impress the world of specialty coffee. Its portability and durability make it ideal for travel, and its design and range of use allow it produce excellent coffee with many variables to mess around with. Personally buying my Aeropress was one of the best investments I made, I can brew one cup or brew many cups and I also bring it everywhere with me, so I can have great coffee on the road or travelling abroad.

The Aeropress is an immersion brewer with a pressing motion, but is very different than the French Press. Brewing with this device is relatively quick and simple to clean. The final cup will be rich and clean, free of sediment unless you decide to use a metal filter.

In all it’s simplicity the Aeropress can be extremely complex, all you need are it’s two plungers and your open mind to play around with grind size, temperature, brew ratios and the time. It can be done in two ways – the classic and the inverted method.

Classic/Standard - when using the classic method assemble the brewing chamber with the filter first and put it straight onto your cup. You will put the coffee in here, and so will you pour all the water and then stop it from dripping by sealing the chamber with the plunger – a vacuum, will appear that will hold the coffee in the aeropress. You can start to press whenever you want to.  

Inverted – insert the plunger into the brewing chamber and then ‘invert’ it. Dump the coffee in and fill with water. Before plunging, turn it around and press it into a cup with even pressure.

Personally, I would always use the inverted method so as to avoid the coffee dripping through in the first minute. But that’s just me, the classic method definitely brews a cleaner cup.


  • Inverted Method

    • g coffee on grind 7 on a Mahlkönig EK34 grinder

    • Pour 50g water, give a good stir.

    • After 30 seconds, pour in the rest of the water and fill up.

    • Put the cap on with a filter, flip and push for one minute.

    • Total brew time is 2 minutes

Common Problems:

  1. If your final coffee is too bitter, you either need better coffee, or you should try pressing more slowly. Slow is key to a non-bitter coffee.

  2. If your final product is too strong, you can either dilute with water, or choose to brew with less coffee to begin with. Try 14 grams.

  3. If your final product is too weak, try more coffee, or dilute less.




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